Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Tutoring today included my student finishing a book he
was writing and an M & M experiment. We melted M & M's (you don't even need warm water).  As it turns out those little M's just come right off the candy.  Imagine what it does in our stomach.  We still ate them. 

Monday's tutoring included my student reading "The Polar Express", doing similes associated with the book and writing his favorite part.  My first grader worked on sight words, played a reading words game with me as well as a number game.  She is really improving. 


Anonymous said...

What fun!
And "M's"are floating around in our stomachs!? :o :-D
Love The Polar Express!
C. :-)

Elizabeth said...

I think they are LOL--but in my humble opinion, it's well worth it. Just saying.
Me too--and I have a bell from 'Mr. C'. ;-)