Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas JOY

Christmas was so unusual this year with daddy being in the hospital.  I have not been sad or disappointed as I thought I would be.  It is what it is and I'm grateful we are here w/him.  I'm feeling joyful despite all that is going on around me. 

Last night our oldest and his fiancee' came over and gave their presents to us. We gave them 'stocking stuff' as we'll give them real presents in January.  We do this b/c of financial difficulties and they understand.  Grateful for that too.

  Below #1 Son's and fiancee's 'stuff'. 

They got Stephen a special cup and ammo. ;-) 

Yep, another stuffed animal (at my age lol), the coloring book (mentioned in another WP post), wax for the birthday gift they got me (which I love), candy and an ornament from future daughter in love's brother. 

Stephen and also gave each other stocking stuff.  My stash :-) and close up of my ornament

Stephen's stash and ornaments--yeah a lot of sweets which he will have to eat at intervals :-)

Hope the holiday season brings you joy and blessings. 


Thia said...

Your ornaments this year are awesome!! I am glad the holiday has been enjoyable in its own, different way. He better watch those chocolate covered cherries or I may come a visitin!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, my friend. LOL--I really don't like them but he and my mama do so they are safe from me..But you come on down and visit and I'll save you some. ;-)

Anonymous said...

YAY for the joy! :-)
Wow! You must have been a pretty good girl this past year to get all that good stuff! ;-) :-P
Love the ornaments! Beautiful! :-)
Ooh...choc covered cherries! :o Can I has one?!?!
Hope the candy lasts until Valentine's Day and then you can stock up again! :-P You've heard of The Valentine's Stocking filled with candy...right?!?!
Joyful-Joyfilled HUGS!!!
C. :-)