Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thankful (produced by my nephew)

So for those who know me, the first couple is my younger sister and brother in law, then their oldest son and wife and youngest son. Their middle son is the very last on the video since he is the one video taping.   Next is my younger brother and sister in law, then two of their three girls.  Following is me and my lover/husband, our oldest and his fiancee', our middle son and his fiancee with the cutie, and then our youngest.  After that is my oldest brother and his wife, then their son.  My parents are in the car almost at the end.  How cool is this to do? 


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! You have such a beautiful family! I really loved seeing your precious Daddy and sweet Mama! I have been praying for them a lot lately!
Your nephew did a GREAT job with this vid! It will be even more cherished as the years pass by. I hope it will be a tradition your family will do every year.
Carolyn :-)

Janet said...

What a neat idea! I'm thankful for my wonderful blogging friends and for being able to see videos of them and the things they are thankful for :-) !

Karen Smith said...

this is so wonderful!!! i'm thankful that i watched it!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you all. It was a good time and I'm so glad my nephew did the video.