Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thankful (produced by my nephew)

So for those who know me, the first couple is my younger sister and brother in law, then their oldest son and wife and youngest son. Their middle son is the very last on the video since he is the one video taping.   Next is my younger brother and sister in law, then two of their three girls.  Following is me and my lover/husband, our oldest and his fiancee', our middle son and his fiancee with the cutie, and then our youngest.  After that is my oldest brother and his wife, then their son.  My parents are in the car almost at the end.  How cool is this to do? 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The cutie

We decided to make a felt tree, ornaments, lights and presents for the cutie.  I used the felt board when home schooling the boys and kept it ;-) It folds up so that we can put it out of the way.

Here she is looking at me and repeating 'ornament' ;-)  She would get the snowman ones and hugs them.  Too cute. 

She loved the stars because we have a book here that has the noon and stars in it.  We read it a lot. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas at my house.

Above Christmas tree in upstairs bath--You can see my hand made wreath on the door.  Below..other areas of the bathroom.  Yes, that is a toy dino toothbrush holder and a bath box my lover/husband made. 

Upstairs hallway

Bedroom door

Jordan's door

Top of stairs and next picture upstairs outside our room

Outside bathroom upstairs

The next two pics are outside our bedroom upstairs

Our door--made this

Our tree 

In our room

Painted this and the next one

Next two--our bathroom--so small

Made this and painted the small trees

One of my favorite snowglobes--lights up

Painted this for the boys when they were little.  I have a matching one ;-) 

Our room

I made the box for my Christmas jewelry. Next two our room

Our room

Painted these old world Santas

Beginning of my Christmas Bear collection 87-93

94-95 and one of my lighted horses



Going up the stairs 04-09

Going down the stairs 09-14 with room for 2015 on the last step

One of my favorite decorations made my Mom (MIL)

I painted the shirts for the boys when they were little.

Mom (MIL) made the stain glass nativity scene.  I don't have a picture of our stocking that I made.  This is downstairs in the family room

Tree in family room

Kitchen/dining room and kitchen/dining room tree and decorations

Early bday gift from Trevor

Door to tutor room/'playroom' (use to be living room). Boys made this when they were little..Oldest two handprints and youngest finger prints.

All these are tutor room/playroom..I don't have my hand painted village pics yet.