Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve


Thia said...

Are these lights that homes have done or is it a display? Very pretty. It is not worth driving around up here, so few people decorate.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :-)
We took time on the night of the 26th to look at Christmas lights. They have a contest, so we went to see the winners, then we went to the man's house that I call "the Clark W. Griswold house", and then we saw some more lighted/decorated houses. We had Christmas music on in the car and it was fun! :-)
Carolyn :-)

Elizabeth said...

There were a pretty good many we enjoyed the ride. However, almost all of these are at two different houses. One does a HUGE display every year complete with music.

Elizabeth said...

I love that nickname. Hilarious. We put on Christmas music as well. It's always fun.