Saturday, November 12, 2016


Thursday evening, daddy got up to go to a nearby chair (about 12:30 a.m.)..I hear mama calling me/us.  Daddy has slipped down to the floor and can’t get himself up  We tried to help but couldn’t.  We called 911 told them it wasn’t an emergency but we needed help.  The fire department came out and got him back in his chair.  Later, I changed the wound dressing but the bag was fine 
Yesterday a.m. I go to look at the places and there is a lot of blood in the bag, there are crusted areas on top, I take everything off, redress the wound but can not fix the ostomy bag or stop the bleeding so off to the dr. office (after calling) we go.  We’d just put 4 x 4 gauze over the stoma..The dr. left it that way and said let the home nurse fix it later.  
Mama's doctor (who will probably be daddy's internist as well) actually made a house call to look at daddy (who has a lot of fluid retention). How awesome is that? 
Home nurse arrives and my mama gets up to go the bathroom.  Next thing I know I’m being urgently called in. Mama has passed out (luckily Martha was able to get her in a chair first), and can’t be roused.  I try for a few seconds and yell to Stephen to call 911 and the nurse to come look. Of course daddy is up and coming as well.  After a couple of minutes we finally get her to respond  but she’s lethargic and weak.  The nurse takes her bp which is very low.  Fire Department, EMT’s and police show up..she barely opens her eyes, is still lethartic and weak, can’t hold her arms up, etc but answers all the qustions correctly.  They suspect stroke as they say she slurring some of her words and the left side of her mouth is drooping.  I ride the long drive to the hospital with her.  There she finally starts responding..they do a lot of tests (she has a pace maker)  but all come back clean.  I think it was due to low blood pressure and stress  She has been worried about daddy and stressed about us leaving and her not having us here to do the changes–though for the most part, I think she could do it.  She is being dismissed today with a couple of medicine changes but that’s it. (btw, mama's dr also came by the hospital to check on her). 
Meantime, last night,  my older brother took my daddy home with the plan for him to call me and I’d talk him through the wound dressing change on the phone.  SO..he called, but there was a complication.  Daddy’s wound was bleeding severely.  I talked him through the dressing but an open wound bleeding that badly was cause for concern.  He ended up back in the hospital (via ambulance).  They finally admitted him but they really haven’t done much for him. The bleeding isn’t bad today but no one has said why it bled and he’s not seen a doctor today.  Craziness. 
Stephen and I went home last night at some point, ate while watching a show, then checked animals, did laundry, gathered items for mama,  kept up via texts from my siblings on parents, etc.  Restless night again due to worry but yeah.   
We are here at the hospital now, awaiting mama to be dismissed and come to see daddy.  I think we are wasting time with daddy here. He’s not seen a doctor today, they aren’t having him walk, etc..driving me nuts.  
We still plan (and I use the word loosely) to go home on Monday.  We shall see.  

Thursday, November 3, 2016