Monday, May 16, 2016

Because you asked...;-)

Several of you have asked for directions to some of the things I've done in tutoring so here they are. 

The erupting art is fun and easy. 
Needed: salt, baking soda, vinegar, cardboard or poster board, food coloring a dropper or squeeze bottle and white glue. 

Mix equal amounts of salt and baking soda (I used 1/2 cup each as I wanted extra) and set it aside.  Take your cardboard or poster board  (I had white on hand but black would show up great) and draw a design with the glue making sure all lines connect.  Sprinkle your mixture over it, shake off excess and set aside to dry.  While ours was drying, we did another project. 
Once dry (either do this outside or in a pan if small enough drawing), put vinegar and a little food coloring in a dropper or bottle,   Drip onto the drawing..try to keep it directly on the drawing if you desire a better outcome.  The art will fizzle and 'erupt'. 

We used the left over mixture for our volcano (which came from a kit and one that we can use over and over).  

Basically, all kids like to see things fizzle so you can take baking soda and a little water..roll the baking soda into balls or any shape (add food coloring for extra pizzazz) put in the freezer.  Once frozen, take out...put on a pan...drop vinegar and watch the fizzing begin. .  You can also put baking soda in a balloon (use a funnel) and vinegar in a bottle.  Hold the balloon at the top so the baking soda can't come the balloon top over the top of the bottle.  Let the baking soda fall into the vinegar and the balloon will begin to fill up. ;-) 

  Milk into Plastic

I tripled the recipe to have enough for two 'stars'. 
Needed: 1 cup milk (we used three) 
4 tbsp vinegar (we used 12).
strainer and paper towels
Food coloring and small cookie cutter optional 

Put milk into microwave for one to two minutes.  You want it warm/hot but not boiling.
Add vinegar and stir for at least a minute.  Milk will start to clump as it breaks down the protein in the milk. 
Stain the milk through the strainer, the clumps will stay--push to get out as much liquid as possible.
Finally transfer it to paper towel and continue to press out liquid.  You can then color and shape it..We put ours in a small heart shape cookie cutter...Then put a hole in the top so we could later hang it. 
Set it somewhere to dry--a couple of nights. 

Star Wars Bottles

Needed: clear bottles, clear glue, glitter. food coloring, water and glow in the dark sticks (available at Dollar Tree) or Dollar Stores)

Put a little water in the bottle, add just a little clear glue and as much glitter as you desire.  Fill bottle with water and add just a drop of food coloring (too much makes it too dark). Put lid on bottle and shake well.   Break glow in the dark sticks and add to the bottle.  There you have it--fun, Star Wars Bottles.  The best part is you can take the sticks out once they quick working and add new ones OR just make an entirely new bottle. ;-) 


Janet Waters said...

Would you mind if I forward your instructions to my nephew's wife -- she's looking for things to do with her 4 y/o son, the "tornado leaving destruction in its wake," and some of these look perfect for the two of them to do together!

Elizabeth said...

Janet, not at all. I hope this helps. They are easy, fun and will keep 'little tornado' busy.