Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Been working on getting my hair to the color I want..This is getting closer.  No unusual or funky colors...just going for a strawberry blonde.  I can work with that palette either going darker or lighter..different high lights, etc.  There's a bit of pink (fading each time from the crayon red) that turned into a champagne pinkish color.  I actually like it a lot.  Next time (May) we'll add in a bit more strawberry blonde color..just in time for summer. The 1st, 2nd, and last picture are probably a more accurate picture of the actual color.  Though you can see the pinkish color in Photo #3.  There is a lot of blonde with reddish in between.


Thia said...

I wonder.....DO blonds have more fun? Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the new "do" and color!
HUGS!!! :-)

Karen Smith said...

the color looks beautiful! i love your style also! i'm letting my hair grow out at the moment so it looks baaaad!! at some point i'll decide whats next. its hard at this age to decide what is best.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Karen. I appreciate it. LOL--it's difficult to make changes unless you are like me and change all the time. lol.

Thia--Not so far. LOL