Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chief Pathkiller

Chief Pathkiller was the last great king of the Cherokee nation. He was the chief principal leader. He's buried facing the river "so that he could see the steamboats passing by".  You can't even see the river now from his burial site. I find it sad that he's buried by himself.  I love the headstone though b/c it describes who he was. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Noccalula Falls.

One of the waterfalls we saw was Noccalula Falls.  The legend has it that a Cherokee Princess fell in love with one of her tribesmen.  Her father, the Chief, thought him not good enough for his daughter and chose a man from another tribe for Noccalula to marry.  On her wedding day, distraught with grieve and very much in love the man from her tribe, Noccalula ran to the edge of cliff and jumper off the waterfall.  The Chief, now grieved named the waterfall after her.  The first picture shows Noccalula’s statue.