Friday, June 28, 2013

Two Little Words...

On Friday, while we were at my parents' house, Jonathan (our oldest) got upset with me about how I handled something and said some pretty hurtful things. Of course, I cried and was very hurt. Then on Saturday, when Grizzley was so sick, once again, I wasn't handling things as he thought I should.  He finally said, 'Mama, you act so nonchalant, like it's not important that Grizzley's so sick."  I replied that no, I wasn't nonchalant, that I understood the importance of how sick he was, but that I was trying to stay calm so that I could keep him and my daddy calm.  Of course, I cried again. 
Then, Jonathan came around to me (naturally, he towers over me and is bigger than me) and wrapped his arms around me and says, "That makes sense, Mom.  I'm sorry.  I really am sorry." 

When we were leaving, he asked to tell me goodbye last.  That is not unusual as he sometimes hugs me a bit longer.  Once again, he wrapped those arms around me and said, "I'm sorry, mama.  For yesterday too."  

We talked on the phone the following day and I told him how much his apology meant to me and said, 'Well, it was true and I meant what I said."  I told him I knew that and that was why it meant so much to me.


Two little words, yet big enough to sooth a hurting heart.

 Two little words, yet big enough to heal a torn relationship. 
Two little words, yet big enough to make the difference between a totally awful day or a good one.  

Two little words, yet big enough to cover a multitude of sins and mistakes.

Two little word, yet big enough to make all the difference in the world. 

Two little words, yet the biggest gift this precious son of mine could give me; said at a time I truly needed to, not only hear them, but to know that they were said in honesty. 

Oh, Father, may I say these two little words, when needed, without expectation and with a genuine heart as my son did.

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