Wednesday, June 12, 2013


As I said in my last post (I think) the boys saved money that they got from my daddy and got tickets to Riverbend this year. It's pretty cool as it's a way to hear bands/see concerts one will never be able to afford otherwise.  The bands are to keep things family friendly (which all except for Ceelo have done.  Ceelo is banded for life now from Riverbend), so it's a great time to get to see musicians and bands we like.
 Last night the Newsboys were there.  The Newsboys is a Christian band (began in Australia) and has changed a few members in the years since it started (in 1995).  Michael Tait (from DC Talk) is now the lead singer.  The show was awesome and it did this mama's heart good to look over and see her two teenage sons enjoying the show and singing along.
Jeff Frankenstein (yes, that's his real name) Keyboard, vocalist.
Michael Tait
Jody Davis (guitarist/vocalist)
Duncan Phillips; drums
Tonight, Trevor has opted to stay at home (which I wish I could do but due to Stephen's leg I'm the driver) and we're taking Jordan to hear a band he likes.  Tomorrow is Lynyrd Skynyrd and we are all fans; so that will be fun. 
On a totally different note, Sensei told me yesterday to start training.  I was so stoked as that means I'm training for my 2nd Dan (2nd black belt degree).  Woo Hoo!! It'll be a several hour test, but only with my Sensei and Stephen can actually watch this one.  Prayers appreciated. Will let you know the date of test when I find out but I'll be training for a bit. 
Oh, and you can see a video here of the drummer's 'act'. (even if you don't have a fb just copy and paste link)  It was awesome.


Karen said...

newsboys and dc talk were both bands that the kids listened to when they were younger. its confusing to me now that they have mixed up members.

Elizabeth said...

karen, I know..I'm not sure what happened with the members (original) but it was a great concert.