Saturday, May 11, 2013

Squirrel!!! (and more)

This is the first time I've seen the squirrels at the squirrel feeder--Have seen a woodpecker there.

Here's the woodpecker
Checking out the new feeder.
I think the towhees are pretty.

This chickadee is leaving a birdfeeder (in the background) that Stephen made. I really like do the birds. :-)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Mostly Birds

Rose Breasted Grosbreak. It migrates in the winter to South America, Mexico, etc..and returns in April or May.  This is the first one we've ever seen here.  The males arrive first and then usually won't come to the feeders when the females (mostly brown) arrive a couple of weeks later.
The Gosbeak, finch and cardinal (female), the Grosbeak and cardinal,  the Grosbeak and hummingbird, doves

Hummingbird (male).  Last pic: Grosbeak

the Red Breasted Grosbeak, chickadee, and dove (getting out of it's 'bath'.

Finches (Male) Towhee, female cardinal, titmouse (male)

Titmouse, squirrel-digging up food and eating it.

Yellow finch and finch (female) and with a cardinal

Same as above except the last picture is of a different yellow finch-younger and less vibrant.

Finch (male and female) Hummingbirds--the last is of the female.

Hummingbirds (female, then male), nuthatch (male) and male finch

Titmouse, cowbird, chickadee and female cardinal

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photo Trip

Stephen and I went on a photo ride last Saturday while the boys were out doing 'their own thing' with Jonathan.  We saw some pretty interesting things.
Not sure why these people were in a wagon (actually there were two wagons) but we figured they were from the nearby farm and it was something they did as part of a riding package.

I love wild turkeys and donkeys as well.  The first one (first two pictures) had such a sweet face.

Y'all know I had to take pics of the goats ;-) even though these are not as pretty as the ones on 'the farm'.

You also know I had to take pics of the horses.  The first beauty had such a lovely face.  The second beauty kept moving around to get my attention.
The covered bridge in the last section is part of the before mentioned farm.