Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The babies have arrived.

Never dull at 'the farm.'.  Rarely a moment to just sit but that's how it is when babies are due and so much to be done.  Glad we could be here to help.  The babies are healthy and safe.  Both deliveries had complications so we are grateful to Abba for the results. So sweet and peaceful to hold the newborns. 
Love helping out with the animals.
Headed home tomorrow though
No beach, etc. for us on Spring Break. lol
Angelique (Angel) with Abraham in the back

 Chocolate and Tessa (Chocolate's mama and the one that lost the two babies)

 Tornado (Juliette), Angie, Celeste and Miriam

Chief (right after he was born)




Amber with Abraham
Jordan with almost half of what we shoveled, raked and hoed out of the barn area we cleaned up.
About half way done
Clean with new straw
Stephen and Trevor working on the platform (Jonathan and Jordan helped as well)
Charity with Chief



ruth said...

They are adorable and I see a lot of people are posting photos to blogspot and posting a link of xanga.
Good idea

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Ruth.