Monday, December 31, 2012


Today, I was reminded of those of us who wait until things are better, semi good, etc to tell others and to believe—to know-- ‘life is good”.

Today, we are still lacking things—not just things we want, but things we need such as a vehicle, insurance, a steady income, etc

Today, I cried like a baby, while talking to my mama b/c I needed to go to a doctor and was worrying about where the finances for that (and meds) would come from.

Today, I was encouraged by my mama’s words, love and understanding.

Today, I am blessed to have a lover/husband who has loved me for 29 and one half years of marriage and four years of dating.

Today, I am grateful for our sons, though not perfect, they are awesome. They still kiss me and tell me they love me.

Today, I’m thankful for a future daughter in law who loves our son, puts up with his brothers, and ‘fits’ into our family.

Today, I’m appreciative of parents (mother in law included here) who help in any way they can with compassion and love.

Today, I am indebted to family and friends who pray for us on a consistent basis and know that hard times and ‘storms’ do not mean Father God is angry with us or that we are doing anything wrong.

Today, though diagnosed with bronchitis (on top of other health issues) my spirit was healed as Abba whispered, “Have faith, I am here.”

Today, I am wise enough to know, despite it’s problems, difficulties, and trials, life is good—not just any life—MY life.  Yep, my life is good.


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