Thursday, August 16, 2012


You see, I know that Abba allows things to happen. I also know that everything that happens is NOT His will.  He gives us free choice and b/c of that free choice, our lives and others lives are affected.  We need to always keep that in mind as we go about our daily lives.  Let us not put on God what was not His desire.

Why this thought process.  We (my husband and I) had a trip planned.  We believed the mechanic who said he'd have our bike (motorcycyle) fixed in time for the trip..on Monday b/4 we were to leave for two days on Wed.  The next thing we know, it'll be Wed. p.m. Though we waited til after midnight, and were told it was fixed, it wasn't. We took it back and back again.  We thought we'd have to skip the trip or make it a day trip. Finally, on Sat. we left about 2:00 on a day trip.  As Abba would have it, we actually found a very cheap hotel to stay in (it was semi clean and a place to lay our heads) and came back the next day.  It was a MUCH needed 'get away' from the daily problems and issues we face. Thanking Abba for allowing us free choice, but for also allowing us our trip despite others free choice to lie, manipulate and deceive. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

A reminder from Abba.  He takes care of the birds; He'll take care of me. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

ann kiemel: when life happens to us,things we never expect or...

I have all of Ann Kiemel Anderson's books.  Her words touched me in a way many others could not.  I have many highlighted parts in each book.  Today, Ann's life is so different, and yet she is still a warrior princess.  Just wanted to share her latest post.
ann kiemel: when life happens to us,
things we never expect or...
: when life happens to us, things we never expect or prepare for, just do the right thing. a baby? we are not married. have big dreams. ...